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About Me:

Hello, I’m Antar Vasi, budding programmer interested in mobile and web development. In my free time I also enjoy reading, gaming, and occasionally listening to electronic music.

My current resume is here

What is it that you do?

Right now I’m brushing up on my development skills after having completed my Masters of Science in Software Engineering from RIT, and looking for a career in web development or mobile development.

Where do your skills lie with programming languages and other computer technologies?

My programming skills are varied:

I consider myself at a low-intermediate level in the following languages: Python, Java.

I consider myself to be at a very foundational level in: C#, C++, Javascript, Swift, PHP, SQL, and Ruby.

Languages that I have interest in but have yet to begin formally working with are: Elm, Golang, Haskell, Rust, and Scala- though I am always open to learning new languages.

Who built this website?

Primarily I am responsible, with a little help from the Jekyll framework and from Micah Cowell who designed the Basic template for this website, to which I made some minor edits.